Tools Based on LLVM

This page is simply an incomplete list of research projects and tools built on the LLVM framework. There will be a strong focus in the list on testing, verification, and validation tools since that’s the area in which I work. I’ve chosen to exclude a number of projects/papers for which I can’t find open source code since my main interest is in projects I can leverage for my own goals. 🙂

Note: Many of these are decidedly of research quality. Before leveraging code or using them on your software, make sure you’re comfortable with that fact. 🙂

(Mature) Language Frontends

  • Clang
  • Julia –
  • LLGo –
  • WebKit FTL –

Interesting Language Projects

  • Pyston –
  • LLILC – LLVM for CLR by Microsoft –
  • Rust –
  • GHC LLVM Backend – Unknown status?

Symbolic Execution


  • llvm-fuzz

Model Checking

Runtime Checking

Race Detection

  • ThreadSanitizer –

In terms of dependency analysis, LLVM has it’s own code to support the basic block vectorizer. There is also work on the Polly ( project to combine polyhedral analysis with LLVM. There was discussion of this being merged back, but I’m not sure where that stands.

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