For Christmas, please make a donation to the ACLU

I’ve had a multi-year tradition now of asking all gifts to me be in the form of a donation to charity.  This year, I am continuing that trend, but with a specific immediate reason.  As all of you know, President-Elect Trump is a proud racist, misogynist, and homophobe.  Regardless of your politics*, we can all agree that the next couple of years are likely to be difficult ones on the civil rights front.  Please consider donating to the ACLU as a hedge against that likely future.

(*) If it sounds strange to you to hear that someone can support Thump without necessarily also supporting his bigotry, well, pay some attention to the world and read some of the perspectives being shared by the other side.  A large number of his supporters voted for him because they desperately wanted change and he was the only option they saw.  Some agree with him on all points, many don’t.