Late Safepoint Placement: An Update

A couple of weeks ago, I promised further detail on the late safepoint placement approach.  Since that hasn’t developed – yet – I wanted to give a small update.

All along, we’ve had two designs in mind for representing safepoints.  One was “clearly the right one” for long term usage, but was a bit more complicated to implement.  The other was “good enough” for the moment – we thought – and allowed us to prototype the design quickly.

Not too long after my last post, “good enough” stopped being good enough.  :)

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been rearchitecting our prototype and exploring all the unexpected corner cases.  Nothing too major to date, but I wanted to hold off on describing things in detail before we had some actual hands on experience.  Once things settles out, I’ll take the time to write it up and share it.

So, in other words, please be patient for a bit longer.. :)

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