Well, now we know what they do all winter..

Antarctica base gets 16,500 condoms before darkness Mon Jun 9, 1:24 PM ET I thought this article was pretty damn funny. I’m pleased that they’re handling the problem intelligently though. I don’t know why, but it sorta surprises me that they’re able to. It really shouldn’t; maybe I’m just getting cynical in my “old age”. …

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Elegant technology makes things simple

A great example is the Capital Words project. Every wonder what our politicians are actually talking about in Washington but don’t have the time to read the full transcript? This site will tell you in a single word. I really like how they’ve used technology to simply something really complex (congressional transcripts) down to something …

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Best spam of the day

It’s not often I get spam that makes me laugh out loud. This one did. From: Friends at Match (.com) Subject: What does your hand say about you? Body: Your answer to this question reveals something about your love life. (snip) *shakes head* Did they really send that out?