Teacher forced to settle in high school newspaper case

Well we now know the conclusion of the case against the high school teacher who allowed a tolerance article to be published. Due to economic reasons, she couldn’t afford to fight the school district and has been forced to settle with the school district. She has been reassigned to a new school, forced to acknowledge …

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GLBT Host Home Program Brochure

As you may remember me mentioning before, I met with the director of Avenues for Youth back in Febraury. Avenues’ host home cordinator just sent me a brochure with information on their program. I’d recommend it for anyone who is interested in GLBT or homeless issues. Read the Brochure

Phelps is at it again

I’m reminded once again of why I’m so utterly disgusted by this guy. I figure if God does exist, Fred will have his own little circle of hell when he finally dies. Group Plans To Picket Va. Tech Funerals Anti-Gay Religious Group Known For Protesting At Services For U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2007/04/18/national/main2699800.shtml