Daily Illini Editorial: Civil union bill an opportunity for Illinois

If they keep this up, I may have to revise my opinion of the DI. First, their good editorial on the Chief Illiniwek issue and now this. They seem to have a pretty decent editorial staff this year. Civil union bill an opportunity for Illinois By The Daily Illini Editorial Staff Posted: 3/29/07 Section: Editorials …

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Directions for Illinois GLBT College Conference

As sent to me today. Spectrum DePaul looks forward to hosting you at the Illinois LGBTQA College Conference on Saturday, March 31^st , 2007. This year’s conference will be held at the University Center of Chicago located at 525 S. State Street, Chicago, IL 60605. This year’s conference will begin promptly at 10 AM and …

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Teacher suspended over pro-gay article

Isn’t this just ridiculous? I think the lawyers are going to have *fun* with this principal. And you know what? He’ll deserve every moment of it. Teacher suspended over pro-gay article Tue Mar 20, 7:28 PM ET SUMMARY: An high school journalism teacher near Fort Wayne, Ind., is suspended for two months after allowing an …

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Quoted directly from an Equality Illinois announcement. CIVIL UNION BILL PASSES ILLINOIS HOUSE COMMITTEE! Please Thank Our Yes Votes An Illinois House committee passed a bill today (March 21) that would extend legal recognition and many of the benefits of civil marriage to same sex couples. The Religious Freedom and Civil Union Act (HB1826) passed …


Great opinion piece on gay’s in the military (from a Republican)

See there are some decent Republicans out there. This is probably the single best opinion piece I’ve seen on this issue. I strongly suggest everyone read it. Bigotry That Hurts Our Military By Alan K. Simpson (“The writer was a Republican senator from Wyoming from 1979 to 1997.“) Wednesday, March 14, 2007; Page A15 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/03/13/AR2007031301507.html

Civil Unions in Illinois this year?!

It turns out there are now TWO marriage related bills in the Illinois legislature this year. One is the original marriage bill that I already mentioned and the second is a civil union bill. Most importantly, I’m being told that WE MIGHT ACTUALLY PASS the civil union bill THIS YEAR. Below is a quick briefing …

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